We Can Help You Plan The Best End Of Year Function

We Can Help You Plan The Best End Of Year Function

Corporate EventsA corporate end of year function is the best way to give your employees a night to enjoy while celebrating the success of the year. The biggest challenge when throwing such an event is trying to create the perfect balance between professionalism and casualness, while still keeping in the restraints of a budget.

Here are the 7 basic ways that Unlimited Events Group can help you with the planning of your corporate event.

Sticking to a budget

When creating a budget, you need to make sure that you stick to it as getting carried away with decorations, venues and food can often send your costs skyrocketing.

Unlimited Décor will enable you to save on costs as they:

  • Have many contacts in various industries and are able to find you the best prices.
  • Have an extensive range of local and imported event décor and furniture that you can hire at an affordable price.
  • Are connected to the Unlimited Events Group and therefore all other services including catering services can be undertaken by one company- this means you are only hiring one service!

You need to choose a date

Selecting a date for a function should be done in advanced so that your employees can plan their schedules and not be preoccupied.

Unlimited Events Group will help you lock a date early as they:

  • Can find the available dates for various venues
  • Can Advise you on the best times and days to have your function

Choose an event type

With the various choices of themes for parties as well as different activities and event ideas, Unlimited Décor will be able to help you plan and create a theme that will suit your event.

Plan activities/ entertainment

Selecting appropriate entertainment for your event is essential. The guests attending need to enjoy the evening. The entertainment should provide fun, comradeship and be able to be enjoyed by everyone.

Unlimited Events Entertainment has various entertainment options for corporate events and they hire out the following (and more):

  • Catering equipment,
  • Audio visual gear,
  • Sports gear,
  • Laptops for music,
  • DJ booths,
  • Lighting,
  • Sound equipment, and
  • Games.

Provide good food

A good event always has good food and drinks. You need to cater for your guest’s dietary requirements as well.

Unlimited Events Entertainment provides the following (and more):

  • Carnival catering,
  • Cocktails,
  • Chocolate fountains,
  • Conference tea cafes, and
  • Machines to hire.

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